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Author Topic: d2 - Art of War  (Read 13789 times)


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d2 - Art of War
« on: September 01, 2014, 22:46:08 pm »

Hey guys!
is anyone of the old d2 Art of War-League in this forum?
I'd have some questions to them

In general i'd like to ask after the Original AoW rules, for all classes.
In Europe d2 we only use modified AoW-Rules for BvB

kind regards
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Re: d2 - Art of War
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2014, 23:52:11 pm »

I am and just found them using google.
If you know Internet.5, you know the rules are correct.

Quote (Internet.5 @ 4 Apr 2010 14:15)


Main Points

    The venue: "Bloodmore" Act1 Normal
    Change of equipment: Is allowed if all items are in stash and game wont be left
    Playing mode: "Best of 7"
    Bans: precasts (especially prebo & preshout), shrines, wells, potions, any impact on monsters, consciously effected breaks during the duel,
    leaving the field (Bloodmore), the use of throwing weapons, foreign skills and auras, the use of the skills leap and leap attack

The Duelling Event:

    Start of the duel: its mutually obligatory for both paries to start every duel with "go"
    Gaining a victory: is only possible though a death or a walk over the opposite pary (the duel ends in a tie if both parties are dying during a duel - n party gains a point for such situations)

restrictions of the gear:

    Damage reduce: max 45%
    Run: max 100% (from items/charms - skill like increased speed do not count)
    Life Replenish: max 25 repl. in all equipped combinations of items (bo-slot too)
    Open wounds: max 10%
    Poison damage: max 200 (from all items and charms)
    Not allowed pre-and suffixes on items: Knockback, Slower Target & Amp

Banned Items:

    All known dupe/bugged/hacked items/charms (322s bear, bb, bt, zb bf/ark, d2c rares)
    Actively used runewords / items without zod or selfrepair
    All ladder only runewords (grief, forti etc.)


    Hellfire-Torch is allowed
    BvB will be played in Walk-Mode only. Desynch isnt allowed!
    All items must be visible for the opponent (means no str bug!)


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Re: d2 - Art of War
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2014, 22:45:26 pm »

Ah sure, I know the AoW BvB rules very well  ;D
and also Internet.5 is a friend of mine
thx alot tho :P

I rather search the Rules for the rest of the Classes,
because I know that it was a League for all Classes in the past (2002-2009 iirc)

And I'm asking because I read that guys of AoW are part of this community
so it might be possible to get and recall them to life ^^
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