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LoL, i read this discussion only Today sorry.

First, this duel was 2-1 for me on this point. The dh change to play in "bunker mode"..
from rules:
" -   The Demon Hunter is not allowed to play the “bunker – style”. This style is defined by laying “Turrets and/or “Spike Traps” and not coming out from the range of these traps. "

Was late, and to be honest, play for 1 hour just wait the dh exit from the little island is not my idea of fun on that game. So i just left. This is one of the last reason why i decided to unsubscribe me from tournament.

But also i meet (and fight) a lot of nice people and i learn a lot for improve the pvp with my monk.

Thats all folks.

League information / Unsuscribe..
« on: February 22, 2013, 00:13:43 am  »
what i have to do for remove myself from league ?

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