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Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: May 03, 2013, 08:50:02 am  »
@tournament: google --> viciouscattle forum

Rules & development / Re: Inspiring presence for 1.08
« on: April 23, 2013, 22:11:54 pm  »
in the vids mystical beat devil with d3cl rules he had about 180k unbuffed, with soj

my EU DH has about 150k unbuffed dps, 180k must have been with steady aim

I don't really have an opinion on inspiring presense, I think it's dumb, and I think most of us were pretty speechless when they released this. The 2% WD regen (note: 2% that's like barb's Inspiring presense in 1.0.7 LOL), combined with BT regen and fortitude reduction is also dumb

If he is able to land a kill on a defensive barb...this will take like 50 mins per round. This video vs Devil, says just nothing about balance of this matchup. I hope Mystical himself will write here something about this, i guess a lot of people just don´t get what he is talking about.

This is true. In my opinion, "defensive barbs" are actually trolling lol, these players are just playing a "DRAW or LOSE" game. If you do not have the DPS to kill them, you draw, they are testing your gear. However, if you are an impatient DH, you will lose, and this is what Barbs are taking advantage of now.

Stacking eHP and forcing draws is the easy way out. This is what you call the "Bunker style DH vs Barb" tactic, there is NO difference :)

Right now barbs are just charging at me in a straight line with high eHP, (PRO GAMEPLAY !1!1!!) so of course they will lose after ~20 minutes... Some are smarter and avoid straight line patterns and control the center... which is the only optimization in Barb vs DH gameplay since 1.0.7 PTR. Offense in D3 is where the skill is needed, and chasing your opponent in a line, or cutting corners is not skill. Everyone is capable of stacking VIT, Allres, Regen and hugging corners for a draw.

Regen buffs make it too easy to stalemate games. My opinion is that if you drop Nerves & Relentless, you can still hug corners and stalemate whenever you want (lol 9k hp regen?). Removing these passives will add balance, only if Barb uses PRO GAMEPLAY!1!1! style and chases their opponent in a straight line.

Sorry to say but I think only mirrors are interesting right now (DH vs. DH is still fun and skillful :) )

General discussion / Re: PTR UP
« on: April 16, 2013, 08:38:22 am  »
Tested with Zee, PTR is still broken. Damage is way too high.

this makes me sad, feels like a PTR was wasted  :(

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: April 13, 2013, 12:28:07 pm  »
I hope they ninja fix it during their next PTR maintenance, I really wanted to test out DH potential with "hax OP gear" that I'll never afford on live, lol

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: April 12, 2013, 11:24:32 am  »
no decreased, meaning if u stack 3 7 elite reduce items you dont get the 21% dr:

(1-0.07) x ( 1-0.07) x (1-0.07) = 0.804 which is 19.6% dr

with the previous barb: (1-0.9) x (1- 0.35) x (0.804) = 0.0523 or 94,77% dr

1m hp hit x 0.0523 = 52300 hp = 47.7% less dmg than the 90% dr barb. its not the 21+35 it seems it would be.

same goes for elite damage bonus the more pieces u stack the less effective the last one is.

are you sure about this? I think it's not true? I think each reduction has their own multiplier, so stacking 1 reduction is additive

e.g. -6% range, -21% elite = (0.94 * 0.79)

anyways sorry for the trash talking earlier, let's just wait for PTR to fix the bugs and test some stuff later >.>

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: April 11, 2013, 21:31:09 pm  »
E-penis getting larger and larger

It's not e-penis, when I say the truth no one believes me, I have to do stupid things like making videos and such every time I say something just to prove things, because to some people everything I say sounds ridiculous. Hopefully you understand that this is VERY frustrating

For example, 35% Dmg bug? OK, but I have 212k dps. Do you know there are DH out there who have +35% more dmg than me? A LOT of Legacy DH can have +35% more dmg than me. If you look at my US gear, you will see that it's actually not that expensive, I don't have "godlike" gear, actually almost everyone that I duel outgears me.

212k dps * 1.35 = 275k dps with legacy nats. For example, there is a DH ("Rike? Ryke?" I forgot) with 400-500k unbuffed DPS & Legacy... WTF? lol

I'll give you another example, I put in Pred's gear in a DPS calculator, I was able to change his DPS to 240k unbuffed with very small changes (vit --> dex gems, amulet: 120 dex --> 200, 79 CD --> 95, quiver 300/300 --> 330/330). This is already close to my current PTR damage (WITH the dmg bug)...

Now that we have PTR for testing, let's do an experiment.
1. Wait for the DMG bug to get fixed
2. All barbs in EU, pool their gear together to make some crazy superbarb
3. All DHs in EU, pool their gear together to make some crazy superDH
4. We duel, and we can stream/record the outcome??

Then after the results, I will tell Barbarians the same thing you always say to DH:
- Improve ur gear and skills lol

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: April 11, 2013, 12:46:41 pm  »
wtf, seriously? This is becoming stupid, everyone is just talking & talking.

Please just show me, I don't care what gear anyone uses, whether it's 220k troll gear or 150k mass DPS gear. You make it sound like I've never dueled vs. a 220k HP barb before on the US server, and that I don't know how to play vs 220k HP barbs.

Also, I don't care about Pred's results and your testing. It's just talking... I'm getting bored of talking, so I think I want to win KNHO's gold now.

Get on PTR when you are ready.

Going to sleep, will be online in 8 hours from now. I recommend that all the EU barbs POOL their gear together before dueling me when I wake up. Go

Edited: sorry for trash talk, I won't delete it but ignore this post >_>

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: April 11, 2013, 02:36:11 am  »
i pay 200 m to the DH who can beat Executioner in a best of 9, if he goes with his Vitality + Warcry setup. I can stack right now 800 k Ehp, with 140 k dps in with sharpshooter and stalemate for 24 h with every of you barbs. And then i tell you, no barb was able to kill me! Learn to play!...But there is a little thing to notice, i can´t kill them like this too.

I like this, a bounty reward on Executioner! lol, I will record my next PTR duel vs Executioner ;)

Should we do it now or after the PTR damage bug gets fixed?

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: April 10, 2013, 12:04:03 pm  »
Just to give you guys an update, I am testing my new US gear on PTR

Firstly, the EU WDs are very good, from my experience they are better than the US WDs, and I got completed owned to one that I dueled already (ivu). I need to figure out something against WD again.

HOWEVER, there is no EU barb that got a single KILL on me yet. This is about 30-40 rounds tested so far. Of course, this is WITH Warcry, and yes, even vs. Vimer. In my opinion, the matchup is currently imbalanced favoring DH.

I'm not sure what's an appropriate nerf for DH vs Barb yet, since Barbs need to improve their targetting skills & movement first, but probably better to keep it no rules for now ^^

General discussion / Re: PTR UP
« on: April 09, 2013, 08:51:40 am  »
Taking ALL challengers from EU vs. my NA DH


Rules & development / Re: Creating Competitive-PVP
« on: April 05, 2013, 03:27:46 am  »
The lobby stuff I find pretty debatable and for me whatever, I just want some way to duel people so I'm still satisfied with the current system.

One thing I'd really like to see is some form of rewards, I think we can all agree that a Dueling/PvP tournament needs to have some reward for winning. I guess right now the only realistic reward is Gold, but it's much more encouraging when you're actually playing for something.

If we Duel for nothing, it's like grinding Inferno Act 3 to "improve your gear" --> except in dueling you "improve your e-peen."

The dueling patch was good, but to be completely honest, it's starting to feel very pointless once again, and I think it's not just me, probably lots of people are starting to feel this way again. A reward of some sort would help this part

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: March 24, 2013, 02:40:56 am  »
edit: I can look mystical vs vimer, or iownyou. If he will win with this guys we no need rules;p
I don't have them on my friends list yet, but I'll duel them all eventually. If they have better gear than Devil, it'll be really hard, but nothing's impossible!?  ;)

my current gear/skills for DH vs. Barb (total cost: ~800m)

vs. Devil with no Warcry

I also recorded a BO9 duel vs GREEN, I'll upload this one later

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.26 [Open Discussion]
« on: March 23, 2013, 08:08:11 am  »
-   In duels versus the “Wizard” the Barbarian can choose one, but not more of the following skills: “Ground Stomp”, “Leap” with rune “Death from Above”, “Charge” with rune “Bull Rush”, “Bash” with rune “Clobber” or “Weapon Throw” with rune “Throwing Hammer”.

This one's my favorite LOL "EVERYTHING OP!!"

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.5
« on: March 22, 2013, 02:48:48 am  »
Green, I checked out your gear, I think your gear is good enough to beat some pretty crazy geared barbs. Maybe from the video you said DH EHP gear vs Barb EHP gear. Why EHP gear vs Barb?

From my perspective, the only way a barb can win is if they just keep pressuring (and running at you) with insane eHP and force you to burn all your discipline, and lowering your DPS makes it much easier for barbs to do this. But for someone with 400K (non-IAS) sharpshooter DPS & legacy, it's more than enough to knock out 200K+ HP barbs.

I would suggest to try being more offensive by using Steady Aim though. Thrill of the hunt isn't good anymore, it was only good during PTR when the barbs had PvE gear

Also why use Boar?  It's not very useful in general vs barbs, try using mark for death. You're basically losing 20% from steady, 12% from mark. 1.20 * 1.12 = 1.34. That's losing 34% damage...

And maybe use an inna's belt vs barbs. 8% pure damage from the belt alone beats a witching hour DPS wise (50 crit dmg can't compare to +8%, and IAS... is not damage), let alone the extra +130 dex, as long as you're at 350-400+ resist all & 70k+ HP it's enough vs barbs

damn, I should have recorded my duels with Nofear today and Devil yesterday, I did very well against both of them even with my current gear lol (however I did get destroyed by Blud >_>)

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.5
« on: March 19, 2013, 18:56:02 pm  »
I just finished a budget gearset for 800m (edit: not 1b), let's see how it does

Add me if anyone wants to duel, any gear any class no class restrictions

edit: NVM, DH isn't ready, still need +60 paragon lvls to make up for using budget gear :|

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