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My PVP set did not use Blackthornes versus Barb. Sure I can make a stalemate build with it, but I want to avoid that if possible.

I know I quit D3CL but a friend asked me to post here on some of the current metagame on US server.

DH vs Barb, I now have builds that will defeat Barbs using any skill build or gear. I have tested this on some of the top Barbs (or at least who is left that didn't quit the game) on the US server for some crazy results. I let the Barbs use everything: full BT, War Cry with any rune, Threatening Shout, and 180k+ HP, nothing worked for them aside from occasionally me messing up Thrill of the Hunt spacing lol. I look forward to testing this with the top EU Barbs when PTR comes around (unless they drastically change other skills changing the metagame again). I won't go into the specific build I use but it relies on Rapid Fire, Thrill of the Hunt, and some very high damage (and Rapid Fire Critical Hit Rate +%). Impale is worthless in comparison; I never use it vs Barbs anymore.

DH vs Monk, I still beat the top US Monks overall but other DH can lose to them. Even I die to them about a third of the time, with me using Chemical Burn. I think Monks try some of the tactics from the US Monks: Miejueshite, Scrapz, and Mafia. DH still have a slight edge but it is only slight now, maybe just banning Sharpshooter is enough.

DH vs WD, I think the match in the US is somewhat even with Plague Bats banned (just that one rune). If allowed to use it, WD will go so tanky they can just rely on bats for damage. Also, with Plague Bats banned, top Monks have destroyed the top WD in US (Mafia/Miejueshite have beaten Dennis/Chucknorris/Asmodai). If the bats are allowed, I think WD have the edge but it is not guaranteed vs Monks. Bats just eat DH for breakfast if the WD goes tanky. Haunt and pets are not really an issue, just Plague Bats in US. Banning Plague Bats is my best recommendation, it works great for the tournaments run by ViciousCattle.

DH vs Wiz, still in favor of DH, but top Wizards can get me lowish and force me to use preparation occasionally. Perhaps just banning Battlescars and the Aid Station is enough, not 100% sure here. There are very few good Wizards left in US.

Currently, I participate in the ViciousCattle weekly tournaments (PVE and PVP). The only rule imposed is Plague Bats (rune) is banned, everything else is allowed for all classes. We have different classes win the tournament each week! Our winners (US server) included: Chucknorris (WD), Ender (WD), Mafia (Monk), Iria (me, DH). Barbs are probably near the bottom now but have possibilities to win vs most classes still. I think in the near future, DH might need something banned too if I show some consistent results. Wizard do need a buff of some kind but just removing all life regeneration tools from opponents makes the matches too short; we are considering other options here. If the WD complain too much that Monks are eating them, we might let them use Plague Bats just for Monks, but that remains to be seen.


Community information and announcements / Re: US & EU D3CL Season #2
« on: May 11, 2013, 11:08:53 am  »
Sorry if I sounded very aggressive in my last post. I have met Wizards that have done so much damage so quickly, that without a Boar to eat a few thunder bolts or a Preparation, I would have little chance. A good Wizard will take 3-4 of my critical Impales before dying, but with Wave of Force, Mirror Images, Teleport, etc. it can be hard to land those. Without at least one form of mitigation (Boar or Battle Scars), the fights will be very short. Shorter so with lower EHP DH. This is not to say it is impossible, but the duels will revolve around luck for me (in dodging thunder). I think the duel is much closer now but I dislike RNG being a major component of a duel (similar to my problem with the Chemical Burn ban).

As for the DH vs Barb discussion, I have tested with high EHP Barbs and I simply don't do enough damage against them if they can survive 5 critical Impales in a row (landing 5, let alone critically hitting with 5 in a row is near impossible). If the Barb cannot die, the duel is basically a stalemate until the DH makes a mistake (or runs out of discipline). I actually would prefer Threatening Shout ban over War Cry ban if that is considered and possibly limit passives to only 2 defensive ones (any 2 of Inspiring Presence, Nerves of Steel, Tough as Nails, and Relentless) with the last passive something else (Unforgiving, Superstition, Ruthless, etc.). Of course, this would require more testing and I don't know for sure if that is enough or too much (I think it is enough for high EHP Barbs). I define a high EHP Barb as one that takes less than 20% health damage from a critical Impale with everyone applying all their buffs and debuffs.

For the DH vs WD match, upon testing, I think Rapid Fire evens the playing field a lot but Bats will hard counter that lol. The no Haunt and Fire Bats rule might be ok, but I don't have enough testing yet to be sure. Again, I am sorry if I sounded too aggressive.

Community information and announcements / Re: US & EU D3CL Season #2
« on: May 10, 2013, 21:10:40 pm  »
Tanky Barb will still stalemate or beat DH, tanky WD will still beat DH, Wizard are strong to DH now with all life regenerating skills/passives disabled. Not sure about the other match-ups since I don't play other than a DH. I really think the DH vs WD rules should be double-checked.

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: May 09, 2013, 21:03:35 pm  »
I'm ok with removing Sharpshooter if we can keep our Boar and Preparation - Battle Scars (or at least one).

Rules & development / Re: Natalya legacy set
« on: May 08, 2013, 19:26:56 pm  »
Please don't tell me the strategy is something silly like going full tank DH and kiting between Aid Station Sentries with Brooding, that is just silly. Also, I know of several interesting tactics but they don't work very effectively:

Spike Trap - Sticky Trap the dogs -> Fan of Knives. Doesn't work when the dogs have so much EHP they survive critical Fan of Knives and the WD can just dismiss the dogs and resummon them. Also, the AoE range is rather limited with a running WD.

Spike Trap - Echoing Blast with Caltrops - Torturous Ground. Requires legacy Natalya's with MASSIVE discipline, the idea is to vault into the WD, spam Smokescreen, Caltrops, and Spike Traps to keep the WD snared. Doesn't work if the WD is so tanky the DH runs out of discipline before that occurs. Furthermore, it leaves the DH open with no discipline, also the 0.5 second windows between Smokescreens can get the DH into serious trouble with Fire Bats and Spirit Barrage.

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: May 08, 2013, 07:33:47 am  »
I'm ok with you keeping Fire Bats instead of Haunt lol.

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: May 07, 2013, 20:54:58 pm  »
So now that we see WD OP, any ideas on what to do now that they got BUFFED in 1.0.8? We DH didn't really get buffed, sure we can stalemate more with Brooding and Sentry and Rapid Fire got a boost but is still generally weak since we have to stand still to use it. Barbarians didn't get anything new for PVP (aside from slower Fear run speed). Monks got nothing new for PVP. Wizards got some nice damage improvements but still will have issues against the other classes. I think Barb vs Wizard just became balanced (with no WotB) but WD is still godly lol.

Rules & development / Re: Natalya legacy set
« on: May 07, 2013, 20:52:31 pm  »
Yeah and WD more OP now with better Fire Bats and Blood Ritual. I think the game is just uneven now lol.

Rules & development / Re: Natalya legacy set
« on: May 06, 2013, 19:34:28 pm  »
I retract my legacy Natalya problem since I went roughly even with Myst in the VC tournament (was 3:2 Myst). I now have a problem with 4 piece Blackthorne DH (with 50B+ gear) lol. Also, I am having issues with overly tanky WDs either the kind that have 200k+ hp (like Chucknorris) or 100k+ hp with elite damage taken -25%+ and some ranged damage reduction (like Ender and Asmodai). It really bugs me that defensive play is the meta-game now.

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: May 02, 2013, 03:28:52 am  »
Could you elaborate? I am still practicing with sticky traps and working on the best order of skills to use in an encounter (similar to build order in SC2 lol).

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: May 01, 2013, 22:37:23 pm  »
One main issue with gear switching is that it promotes the style of play where a player will burst in DPS gear and defensive abilities, and then swap to a full tank set to wait for abilities and resource to recharge. Also, this style of play will promote cheaters using gear swap macros to swap almost instantly with a single button. Lastly, I feel some classes benefit from gear swapping more than others providing another factor which may adjust balance again.

@KNHO I am almost certain those top WDs will beat me but if they don't use enough EHP I might have a solid chance at killing them sometimes. With enough EHP, I feel like the battle is really like "how long can I survive and how long until I am out of discipline and hatred"? Also, usually against high EHP WDs I run out of my resources when they still have a lot of their HP left, still have Spirit Vessel, and some of their pets. At that point I simply lose because mana regenerates so much faster than discipline and there is no where to hide from haunt's 25 yard unavoidable target area radius.

@Chuck you are right, the elite reduction might not be the problem but total EHP is. DH have limited offensive options which are severely hindered by pets and require careful aim. Every shot needs to count and even then, if the WD's EHP is too high, that still might not be enough lol.

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: May 01, 2013, 21:25:41 pm  »
After some careful thought and some testing, I have deduced why I lose to the top WDs on US server. The only WDs able to beat me consistently use a full Blackthorne's set and are very tanky. I have yet to see a WD beat me WITHOUT using the Blackthorne set. This is something to consider for future rules. I understand the rules for class balance are intended for skills/passives only, but banning Blackthorne's 4 piece set or at least setting a cap on Elite Damage Reduction (EDR) could be a possible solution.

I think since the game is trending more and more towards defense, at a certain point duels will last incredibly long (or never end in some cases). By capping defensive options, I think we will keep the game fresh and fun. Of course, this is my opinion and my suggestions do not need to be implemented, this is just for constructive discussion. Also, GGs to all the WDs that helped me learn this fact lol.

TL;DR We can consider putting a cap on elite damage reduction (say -14%?) and other % reductions to not overly favor defensive play to the point of stalemates being the future of PVP.

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: April 30, 2013, 02:16:13 am  »
So what rules will be used for the PTR 1v1 league?

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2.6 [Open Discussion]
« on: April 24, 2013, 02:02:43 am  »
Blue post confirmed Inspiring Presence going back to 2%.

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