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Mr Mag, you are not correct, when i host VC tournament - if i make good promotion - i have 16 players in 1 day signed and all of them are top players. You need to atract players, but with the current rules and no clear information about prize ... hm... good players may not join.

I dare say thats part of the Problem. As it is right now the "PvP Community" consists of how many? 30? Top Players and thats it. Due to the massiv gear Differences there is just no point for new Players to start pvp they just get raped 24/7. Pros only might work for tournaments, but its not enough to keep a league going.

The next problem are imo the rules. And i am not even talking about the balance between the classes. Its how the Duells work. Playing against Tank dhs in their Bunker is no fun at all and that "rule" isnt worth the paper its written on because the only way to make it count is to have a judge watch the Duell. Against TR Monks its an annoying "catch me if u can" Game that u just cant win as a barb cuz ur to slow. BVB sucks anyway at least in my opinion which leaves 2 Matchups that are at least a little fun to play. Well 1 matchup since there are hardly any wiz Players around. Stalemates are realy annoying and if both sides play to win they happen quite frequently. In my case 1 match against a Monk that ended in a stalemate after 15 minutes of fighting ruined my motivation for pvp completly and as long as the rules dont change to avoid that i dont feel like participating again.

And the LLD rules...well lets just say i am not suprised that half of the Players Play WD including the 2 at the top....

To cut it short PvP as it is right now is just not fun at all.

Rules & development / Re: Rules proposal for the 4th season - open discussion
« on: September 24, 2013, 19:36:28 pm  »
if i'm not wrong, it's a barb style, isn't it? :) stalemates are a problem for sure, not only in this particular duel. changing gear or build by both sides probably won't finish with the consent.

The Problem is not the fact that Monks run away when their skills are on CD or their life is low. Every class does that. The big difference here, and thats the real Problem, is that the barb has absolutely no way to finish off the wounded Monk. When the Monk is running away and is not completely retarded u will hardly get any hit of on him as barb since he runs faster than u do und u only have short range attacks. Getting a crit rend which is needed to bring him down is even less likely, getting 2 crit rends within 30 seconds (he will just cancel the first with serenity) is Close to impossible. Thats like a wd trying to finish a sprinting barb with firebats -> wont work.

Rules & development / Re: Rules proposal for the 3rd season - open discussion
« on: September 15, 2013, 20:14:53 pm  »
And last season Vimer barely managed to beat insane who isnt even close in terms of Gear even with berserker.

I kinda agree with KNHO here, with the current ruleset the upcoming season will barely get 20 players probably even less.

Rules & development / Re: Rules proposal for the 3rd season - open discussion
« on: September 15, 2013, 13:11:28 pm  »
wotb banned against wd? Why dont u just give them an automatic walkover? Spares time and winning against them is impossible anyway.

Rules & development / Re: Diablo 3 Low Level Dueling @ D3CL - rules proposal
« on: September 08, 2013, 13:27:23 pm  »
lvL 30 paragon or normal 30 lvl. Also no life regen some how disfavor barbs, since barb rеly on survive ability.

u cant compare LLD to HLD :D I play barb myself in both hld and lld and trust me, 50 regen ist perfectly fine as long as the other classes have the same amount.

yeah forgott the chatlog my mistake :(

I kinda see the discussions coming.... "u died first i get the point"... "No i killed u first i get it" ...

Rules & development / Re: Diablo 3 Low Level Dueling @ D3CL - rules proposal
« on: September 06, 2013, 19:39:33 pm  »
Since a have some experience with LLD just some general advice... u have to restrict any means of life regen, even rather low amounts of it can make a char virtually unkillable when they add up since lld chars just dont have the burst to break through exessive regen. In our group we play with max 50 regen from gear and no heal pots and the duells still last several minutes at average. Even seemingly bad heals like the heal runes on hex and haunt can cause alot of problems since a def playing wd can recharge his life with them very fast. Imo its best to bann any kind of heal exept for the 50 regen from gear. That way its even for all classes.

Forti there is no point in testing without shield. Ofc the barb dies a hell lot faster without a shield, but thats not because of block, its because of stormshields def stats. A good stormschield alone should give like 1 mio ehp without block incorporated maybe even more against SSS THAT is the reason why shields are usefull. If u wanna test how usefull block is, get urself a shield with very low block % and test again. Or just do some maths... 100k hit after mitigation - 4700 ist still 60-70% of a barbs maximum life. The effect of block is close to nothing here if u dont know that then its obvious that u dont know how block works.

Block does almost nothing vs monk, barbs use shields vs monk because of the defensive stats, namely the elite reduce, resis and defense. If u get hit by an 1 mio crit SSS the 4700 dmg reduce from block doesnt realy help. If anything u want dodge against monk.

@ nofear atm monks are FASTER than barbs, if ur worried about not beeing able to catch a monk that is only as fast as u are how do u intend to catch them when they are faster? As it is now as long as the monk plays save u cant win as a barb they can just run away all day long and u have absolutely no chance to kill them. If both classes are reduced to their basic runspeed u will have a much higher chance at killing them especialy with skills like charge and so on at ur disposal.

And how barb will chase a monk with no tempest rush? WIth same move speed , monk would kite barb. And more, you can land 1 rend, after that monk will be far away from the barb. This is not good.
And hello Forti, stop writting about barb vs monk, since you are not in top lvl. Once you reached your game will change against that class.

Charge, jump, Shout with slow rune, rend with slow rune.. choose one.

I would say ban tempest rush and sprint, the movement speed skills which make it such a long boring match-up, dunno if others would agree with this. Ignore pain is the only way to survive an sss from a top monk, if u ban that it will be just 1 shot fest before barb even gets the chance to do anything.

Sounds like a realy good idea for me.

Dont know about other classes Matchups but those barb rules are a joke. Whoever came up with that stuff vs wiz obviously never played against a decent one, even with only wotb banned the matchup strongly favors wiz. I mean choice between rend and ip... if u wanna have any chance vs wiz u have to use hota anyway so whats the point?

Vs Dh without berserker and wc without rune could get funny if bunkerstyle with rapidfire is allowed which seems to be the case.

Vs Monk i dont know, has to be tested on top gear levels but i am afraid that might end up with barbs beeing 1 shot victims.

Community information and announcements / Re: US & EU D3CL Season #2
« on: May 20, 2013, 22:24:25 pm  »
seems that the most important skills for barb vs good wd are:
1. how to chase and stun the wd when he runs around a rock while u have wotb
2. how to run for 1.45minutes around the map without getting hit too much by the 1000-yards-over-the-wall skills.

Do u rly run around for 1.45 if u couldnt kill him with berserker? If i fail to kill him with my first wotb i tend to go in without it to try and deal some dmg usually dying in the process... just kiting for such a long time...  dont think i wanna do that :(
I wouldnt even use wotb it i had a choice but with all the cc skills wd has available its pretty much a must have -.-

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