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General discussion / [EU/SC] WTS Decent PvP/PvE Skorn
« on: June 08, 2013, 21:35:47 pm  »
Hi, somehow cant print screen ingame, but this is the item:
DPS: 1374
Strenght : 479
Vitality : 171
CHD : 173%

I played 1st season, test season, 2nd season with this axe. Also used it for farming mp 10 ( + IK belt) and Essence run act 2 (Vault of the assasin). Worked without problem.
Prize: 400 Mil
Contact me ingame,  N0F3aR#2714

I am surprized, player Mnich is on Holiday mode but still plays match and makes score? How is that happening? How he can chall?
Pls explain me, cuz that maybe is not only for Mnich...

Judge board / Lyzon#2326 - abusing the rulz + not finishing the fight
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:17:38 am  »
He is a monk with skorn, i am a barb. Score 3-0 for me. We start 4 round. We fight each other. After those 1st hits im loosing like 80k life . I have already used Ingor pain an that ability is on cd. I am waithing for cd of Ingor pain. I got it up, enter fight and kill him. And he saying - you are avoiding fight. Is avoiding fight to wait for cd of your main defansive ability? No barb will fight monk without ingor pain active while monks can activate sss and wave of light. He says after the round - you wait to regen life and then fight. I waited for ignor pain up, and yes - i have 4k life regen per second - that means for 23sec cd of Ignor pain i regen 92k life. Finnaly he left the game in result 4-0 for me. Im not for the score, but 1st time i face such a player and rly hope to be my last. He lost my time and my posibility to have fun in other duels.
    What is important here is to be very cleared said  what is the meaning of active combat and what is avoiding combat. Cuz waiting for cd and regenerate life and then fighting is what every class do - dh with preparation, barb with ignor pain, monks with serenty and etc.

General discussion / Mele/ range damage reduction - how its works???
« on: February 22, 2013, 12:51:59 pm  »
Can some1 give me decent answer?
Have 6% dmg reduction from ranged attacks -from amu or bracers
Have 20% dmg reduction from mele attacks ( since IK set)
How its work? Its range dmg reduction works agaisnt WD's haunt since this is a spell(but casted from rang). Or DH's impale? Or the Wizards spells? And etc
Here is the link ive posted on diablo3.com

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