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League rules 1.0


This document describes shortly the way to participate in our league. It basicly is a short guide which contains a guide what to expect and some basic duelling rules.

What can you expect from duelling in this league?
The first and foremost goal we try to achieve is having a userfriendly enviroment in which you have good and quality duels with like minded people. Other goals are having fun and exploiting the competitive aspect of the game. To ensure this we we expect every participant to behave properly and apply the following duelling rules during D3CL duels:
- Duel only starts when both sides have said go.
- You cannot enter town or leave the game during a round, if that happens the person who enters looses the round.
- Duels are best of 9  (first to reach 5-x)
- Round resulting in a draw counts as +1 round for both sides. (f.e.  2-3 become 3-4)
- If draws put you past 9 rounds you continue until there is a winner.

If a problem (a disagreement over the rules, someone entering town without accepting the round loss) occurs we expect you to work it out togheter. If that doesn’t work you can request an official D3CL judge.

For the begin time we task the Judge with a signalling function aswell: if certain problems occur on a more regular basis it may be that we need to alter some of the idea’s and rules regarding the game or the functioning of the league. This means in short that we will discuss these things inside the Rules & Development board to make it a better place.

Judges can take part in D3CL hosted events but cannot judge their own

+ you must play a duel using the character class you've signed up to the league (thats obvious but not for everyone)


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