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I been hearing rumors about possible bans on this set, anyone got any offical info? i'd love to discuss what people thing about this set at the time being

Offical info should be today or tommorow. For me this is good decision, old natalya give an advantage for ppl using it, and new players cannot buy good old natalya. There was a reason that developers changed it so we should forbidden it too. For example: look on d3cl rank, ppl with old natalya are in the best places in DH.

edit: d3cl EU rank: TOP1&2 from DH - old natalya, dc3l US rank: TOP2 DH - old natalya with 0 matches losed;)

Old nat= low dps and EPH. If another dh know how too play vs legacy nat its easy win.


--- Quote from: Lilith on March 04, 2013, 13:29:21 pm ---Old nat= low dps and EPH. If another dh know how too play vs legacy nat its easy win.

--- End quote ---

So it will be not a problem to change to new natalya if old is so bad?:P

Its a problem if other classes dont get some sort of nerf either, i dont see the top barbs having any problem with a non legacy nats DH if they are rend and running.

my main problem is that i dont have any gear to replace with, so ill probably be out the tour for a good few months :'(

About the ranking system, i dont think US has enough players/matches played to convince me that nats is OP, however what i do think is happenng is legacy nats is an advantage over non legacy DH's, so the legacy nats users are getting easy kills over the others DH, hence making thier ranking look better, but if you look at the actual stats, they are getting beat by the top monks/barbs/wd's as normal


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