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How to write good feedback


How to write good feedback in the discussion for upcoming rules.

I wish to welcome everyone that please to participate in www.d3cl.com and contribute to unite player's that enjoy pvp and wish to
enchance their exeperience and do the best form for possible competative pvp diablo 3 has to offer.

We really do appreciate everyone's opinions and feedback.

Allright, lets establish a how to create a valuable post in the rules discussion.

First off, please assume that player's cross regions with the same quality and build of gear and pvp dedication have a smilar skill level.

Feedback for rules is NOT a competition for your own class or a place to utter opinions without anything to show for etc this belongs within other subforums.

D3CL Staff read everthing that is posted and evaluates it thereafter but will not always consider it legitimate inteligence and might choose not to respond.

When you want to write feedback for or against specific rules and classes please try to contain a minimum ammount of data in your post:

1. Stats for both classes.

Resource regeneration or any other build directed customization your build contains as well as abilities and runes used during the match.

2. State of the problem.

3. Overview of what you did try to counter optional video or screenshot.

4. The outcome of the match.

5. Best solutions you found so far towards the issue.

6. Last and most important short and direct summary that explains your point of view towards the issue.

Example of a good summary :

--- Quote ---Barbarian versus Monk;
When both of the classes focus on dps given:

Wrath Of the Berserker with insanity combined with ruthless and weapon master charge 1 shot any monk regardless of ehp.

Seven sided strike or any bell from the monk will also 1 shot any barb.

It basically comes down to who clicks who first and is lucky enough to dodge or not.

However monk's passive near death experience managed to give monk a clear advantage creating a 2 shot out of himself versus the barb that would still die in 1 hit.

We found the duels to be more joyfull and a competative surrounding while plaing without wotb and near death experience.

Does anyone else have any experience the same encounter or is it just us?
--- End quote ---

Example of a bad summary :

--- Quote ---All monks 1 shot me and they are so op, u want to ban wotb omfg you eu guys are crazy duel is seriz fine as it is if not to hard.
Even if i perform medium range in my server, but if i was you server and had that setup with this item that i never tried i sersoulsy win you pretty east#1 supersstar.
--- End quote ---

In the future we will moderate the postings along those lines.

Thank you[/color]


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