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Monk vs DH balance

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Hello there,

I'd like to start a separate topic to discuss the balance of this particular matchup. As a Monk, I feel like I am at a serious disadvantage here, given equal gear, but it is completely possible that I'm just being outplayed or biased towards my own class so I'd like other opinions and ideas to balance this matchup even more.

Some of my observations:

- If I can't 1-shot the DH, I can't kill him at all since he heals too fast.
- If the DH plays carefully, I can never ever reach him

I think either of these points alone would be fine, but combined, it's just too much and I would propose either of points below as a solution:

- cap hp at lets say 60k for DH and WD, 100k for all others.
- ban Vault

Are these nerfs too much? Would any other changes be better?

Discuss :)

if you cant catch the Dh, I think your being outplayed, try use a playstyle which forces them to come to you, i.e pillar hugging

I think a decent change would be to not allow the use of SharpShooter for the DH

i mean pillar hugging shouldn't have to be the answer. The rules shouldn't promote passive play as the only viable option to win a particular matchup.

Banning Sharpshooter is a nice start :)

The problem is that a DH can play a style where he can never get hit (if hes using legacy your screwed)

Pillar hugging shouldnt have to be an answer i agree, however i dont think hes gonna wait for you to come out either, they can still Smokescreen in and out however it does force them to be in range for that kill sometimes

Right, and that's ok I think. DH shouldn't get hit by melee unless he makes a mistake. The problem is that he can make mistakes and take hits but can still escape and regen afterwards.

Do you think banning Sharpshooter alone is enough to balance the matchup?


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