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It's important to start this topic with a short glance over the shoulder. During the earlier thread of ruleversion 1.2 we've received alot of feedback on the rules we came up with. I'd like to adress the quality of this feedback before we get down to business.

The quality was good and cooperative or downright petty, offensive and total irrelevant. The latter doesn't contribute in a positive way: it's only adressing negative and unwanted feelings and behaviour. I'd like to point out that we are here to have good duels. Blizzard is blizzard and thus we need to adress several issues ourselves. D3CL and it's staff is doing this work for the community, hoping to build something great. A good place of which you may be part. So, I ask all of you to read this thread (: http://forum.d3cl.com/index.php/topic,1423.0.html) and think twice before you hit the post button.

Okay, that's that. Now down to business.
In version 1.2.5 you will notice that we've not only ditched quite alot of points in the character class from the 1.2 version but also added a whole lot of general rules. Those general rules have been inserted to clear some issues. It covers the procedure of duelling and hopes to achieve active and no gear swapping duels. Vital in this regard are the players who should - for their own sake - take screenshots more often and use this as 'proof' in case of irregularities. This also counts for the time limit. D3CL will soon present additional judges to help you in this process.

We've removed some restriction for the WD and the Barbarian we first thought necessary. After extra testing, input and theorizing we decided to do it like this.

Check them out.

--- Quote ---The first and foremost goal we try to achieve is having a user-friendly environment in which you have good and quality duels with like minded people. Other goals are having fun and exploiting the competitive aspect of the game. To ensure this we expect every participant to behave properly and apply the following duelling rules during D3CL duels.

If a problem (a disagreement over the rules, someone entering town without accepting the round loss) occurs we expect you to work it out together. If that doesn’t work out you can request an official D3CL judge. Please notice that the decision a judge makes is leading and you have to accept it. Judges cannot judge themselves.

Players caught cheating will be banned for 2 months starting the day they got caught.

General Rules:

Before entering the Scorched Chapel area both players must agree on the item setup they are using. The Setup agreement is done when both players have accepted their opponents Equipment. When the two players have agreed on what to wear they will both do a confirmation of their opponents equipment by writing "okay" in the chatbox. After this no changes are allowed.*

When both players have agreed they say "go" and enter the chapel. "Go" also functions as a final confirmation of the opponents equipment.

*If a player writes "okay" and his opponent then changes his equipment and write "okay" himself this is regarded as abuse of the rule system, and if it cannot be solved between the two players a judge need to be contacted.
*If a player is caught with a different health pool during the duel than he had when he agreed to start the duel that player will considered to have swapped Equipment and will be instantly banned from the league.
*If a player is caught with another setup of items during the duel than he had when he agreed to start the duel that player will be considered to have swapped Equipment and will be instantly banned from the league.
*Players are free to have whatever they want in their inventory as long as they do not use it during the duel.

*Be sure to always take a screenshot of your opponents health pool plus gear setup (inspect) before entering the chapel. Remember that in case of a dispute you will have no proof and no case unless you have screenshots.

-   Duels are held in “Inferno” modus.
-   Maximum duel time is 60 minutes starting from the first ‘go’ from both sides. If both parties agree on the duel exceeding this timeframe it’s allowed.
-   The small island inside the scorched chapel area is forbidden ground. Actively using this island will result in loss of rounds and/or the complete match.
-   You cannot enter town or leave the game during a round, if that happens the person who enters town or leaves the game looses the round.
-   If a player wish to change Equipment between rounds he has to announce it to the other player. Both players will then travel to town and once more agree on Equipment for the duel. If nothing is said to be changed a travel to town, or a new agreement about equipment is not necessary.
-   We expect the duels to be active combat. Repeatingly avoiding the duel will result in a loss.
-   Vanishing Dye is not allowed.

-   Duels are played with best of 9.
-   Round(s) resulting in a draw count as +1 round for both sides. (f.e. 2-3 become 3-4). If draws put you past 9 rounds you continue until there is a winner (it will count as 5-4 win).
-   The winner of the duel must stay in screen from opponent once won.
-   You must play your duels using the character you signed up with for the League or Tournament.

Class specific rules:

-   The Barbarian cannot use the skill “Wrath of the Berserker” versus the Monk and the Witch-Doctor.
-   In duels versus the “Demon Hunter” and the “Wizard” the skill “War cry” is not allowed to be used.
-   In duels versus the “Wizard” the Barbarian can choose one, but not more of the following skills: “Ground Stomp”, “Leap” with rune “Death from Above”, “Charge” with rune “Bull Rush”, “Bash” with rune “Clobber” or “Weapon Throw” with rune “Throwing Hammer”.

Demon Hunter
-   The Demon Hunter is not allowed to play the “bunker – style”. This style is defined by laying “Turrets and/or “Spike Traps” and not coming out from the range of these traps.
-   In duels versus the “Monk” the skill “Impale” with rune “Chemical Burn” is not allowed.
-   In duels versus the “Wizard” the skill “Companion” is not allowed.
-   In duels versus the “Wizard” the skill “Preparation” with rune “Battle Scars” is not allowed.

-   In duels versus the “Wizard” the skill “Cyclone Strike” is not allowed.
-   In duels versus the “Wizard” the rune “Flying Side Kick” from the skill “Dashing Strike” is not allowed.
-   In duels versus the “Barbarian” the Monk can use either the active skill “Serenity” or the passive skill “Near Death Experience” but not both.

Witch Doctor
-   The Witch Doctor must choose either “Hex” or “Horrify” but not both.
-   The Witch Doctor can use either “Spirit Walk” or “Spirit Vessel” but not both.
-   In duels versus the “Demon Hunter” the skill “Summon Zombie Dogs” is not allowed.
-   In duels versus the “Wizard” the skill “Spirit Walk” is not allowed.
-   In duels versus the “Wizard” the Witch Doctor is not allowed to use  “Summon Zombie Dogs” and “Gargantuan”.
--- End quote ---

-   Vanishing Dye is not allowed.

I agree with that.. sadly.. it is for gear swaping ofc.
But monks got a bit nerf here. I use this to hide serenity ;]  it's nerf for monks mirror mostly.

I totally agree with dh vs. monk. It have to be like this way. chemical burn is totally overpowered.

I hop there wont be any problems and rulez like this will be on next seazon.

Good job guys!

My opinion about dh rules:

1. Why DH companion is not allowed vs wizzard? Bat and ferret runes are OP in this matchup? It's joke?
2. No battle cry barb vs dh. Hmm... Its more balanced than ban IP, but barb lost fury generator and imo better will be ban 7s rune ignore pain.
3. Why no ban for monk's blind? It works when dh use SS that gave to dh immune for any other cc effects...


Battle cry? Its war cry or battle rage?^^


--- Quote from: Lilith on March 13, 2013, 00:55:44 am ---My opinion about dh rules:

3. Why no ban for monk's blind? It works when dh use SS that gave to dh immune for any other cc effects...

--- End quote ---

Cause it is too hard to apply on dh. Get monk and try do this.. short range = easy too miss. and if we apply it we can get opportunity to get one round.

--- Quote from: Lilith on March 13, 2013, 01:02:00 am ---@forti @ricebowl

OK, we can try this way in seson 2;)


--- End quote ---

I dont using this skill anymore. too hard too apply and too useless in my opinion.

Blind can be dodged.  Most DHs will have anywhere from 45-50%+ chance to avoid the blind automatically. 

Also, chemical burn ban = awww yisssssssssssssssssss


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