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D3CL is looking for a news manager


D3CL is looking for an editor for its news column.

The news manager would be part of the D3CL team and have a vital role in contributing to the community.

We are looking for individuals who demonstrate the following:
- good english
- a strong personality
- active (with exceptions every day online)
- good knowledge of social media, including promoting D3CL to the wider community

We want you to:
- post news (for example important Blue notices or other game updates; or D3CL related with the start of a new season or a tournament) on the mainpage linking this to the specific board title
- make D3CL better known to the outside world; keeping topics alive at known D3 websites such as the official boards
- potential room for a future facebook account or Twitter

We offer:
- Great team atmosphere
- A chance to be part of a growing community and experiencing everything that comes by
- A good working area - relative easy to post news-link them to the boards for example (<=== are you serious?)

Please send me a PM if you are interested with some information about yourself or for more information/questions.



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