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Rules for the examination matches


Rules for the examination matches.
There are few things that we are checking when we have to make a decision about who is the winner and why he should be the one. After all we decided to make it as simple as possible and do it in fair play spirit.

Problems with w/o :

1. You have to post a message in the challenge chat at least 2 times in 2 different days. When you are more active and decided to play the match, your chances to get w/o are growing

2. If your opponent is posting in challenge chat but he is still avoiding the match, please be patient and follow the steps in Judge Board to solve the problem.

3. When you submitted the score and your opponent didn't, after 3 days starting from the date of 1st score, judge is available to give you the w/o. The reason will be "Lack of initiative"

4. If both of you do not post anything in challenge chat after 5 days starting from the date of challenge accept, your match will be canceled.

5. If you have any other problems with your matches, please post it on forums and keep in mind that admins are also people and they have other things to do, so be patient and wait for your turn.


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