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Off we go! plz hurry with the decision. possible options above, write also a short comment

Two separate leagues.
Old D3CL rules will already be tested upon releasing 1.0.8 to the public.
No rules will enable players to test new mechanics and perhaps add something new to old rules.

ELITE DMG Reduce dont work on PTR in the brawling area. That means every class take much more dmg from hits compared to the real server. So any match,rulz etc are sensless. Especially mele heroes take like 3 times more dmg - maybe this is some kind of bug and i hope Blizzard soon fix it. Then we could test. Anyway i think 1 league no rulz ( i mean no banned skills) could be good.

As long as the chapel is buged, test league is pointless, true.

hope this issue will be hotfixed asap. voting refers to situation where dmg red works fine.


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