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Inspiring presence for 1.08

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Since there is little chance of the inspiring presence buff for 1.08 being canceled, I figured it's probably a good idea to make a separate thread for it so it doesn't clutter up the main rules thread.  Whining about Blizzard not caring about PvP doesn't help anyone.

My current suggestion is to only allow inspiring presence or ignore pain but not both equipped at same time.

Top WD and monks rely on burst vs b and they will still be able to kill barbs.

top WD like euronymous and blud destroy top barbs easily even with the no hex no wotb rule, 4% life reg will actually balance that a bit. Especially with the new bats which can kill in one stun sometimes.

Monk vs barb is a lot of times full burst then wait 30 for cd and try again, any barb already has 1200-1500 regen on gear plus 2% it means they are already at full in 30 sec. U can also check mafia vs manner on ptr, he still killed manner a lot. There may be builds that take advantage better of the life reg but top players have to test if an ehp skill ban is necessary. But overall it looks pretty balanced at the very top.

Barb vs barb will probably rely more on stun and burst hota rather than rend.

Wiz and dh lack the burst damage but banning some ehp skillz in d3cl should be enough. The problem with warcry ban is that it nerfs fury management too much and barbs have no chance to catch a legacy dh.

But banning all defensive passives and all runes on warcry except the fury gain may do the trick. I'm sure that with testing and tweaking a solution can be found.

In barb vs dh, a defensive legacy dh has a lot more stalemate potential, if they don't want to lose they will never lose, the movement speed advantage is pretty big.

Wizz still got the RoF buff which coupled with some ehp reductions to barbs can make that matchup pretty balanced

I know it's a dumb move from blizz but I think we all want top players to test builds and possible bans on ptr until saying that PvP is dead.

Can somebody tell me how to run 30 sec from barb? He will chase us. I really dont know how... on tempestu rush yes? Then I need 18 spirit regen with 1 ias (10 for spelling tr and 8/sec for regen all spirit) - this is impossible.

I dont cry. I just thinking that rule inspiring presence or ignore pain is fair enough and will solve all the problems.

Vs DH, any high EHP Barb can become unkillable even without Ignore Pain OR Overpower Crushing Advance, they simply mitigate too much damage over time now. Monks at least have bursty damage.

Forti, pls stop posting about Monks vs Barbs. Obviously you are not enough experienced in that fight. Decent monks have no problems with spirit regen while using tempest rush. Its hard for a barb to catch that monk. Actually Monks vs Barbs its all about burst dmg - if you can kill the barb at one combo, no matter his life regen. Anyway if you cant kill him even when he has no Ignor pain, its pointless to play against him. I already told you - your hero is far away from good pvp potential and you face barbs that have reached it. Its normal to lose.
SO PLS, STOP POSTING! (about barbs and monks)

Barbs vs DH
Actually Dark Raven gave 1 good opinion. Banning defansive passive abilities like "Relentless", "Nerves of steel" could give some balance. I will test with top DH from eu once i have time.

Barbs vs Wizards
RoF is buffed with like 60%. That means wizards will do a lot more dmg to barbs. So maybe here buffing life regen is like balancing againts decent wizards. Wizard will have higher burst dmg potential, barb will have higher life regen. + wizards got buffed the teleport, so now they hunt and run easier. Iits again a matter of tests.

! And something important - pls note that the top barbs from eu league (vimer,devil,exe etc) are actually very good players, so its not only the class. Its also how do you use the class. (here i wont tell the rest of the players are noobs or like this - no, i face good opponents on the league. For example playing against a DH like Med its always good for me, since he is decent and his moves are good. Sometimes i need to improve my skill during the fight agaisnt him for being able to kill him. And dont say - but you win 5-1/5-2 against him. Maybe yes, but each round its hard)

Thx for the attention.


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