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Dodging duels, thoughts for the next season

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I entered the 2nd season kinda late and at the beginning it was kinda fun. Then however something happened that totally took away the whole fun. As soon as I entered the top10 I could challenge only a few people and at least 3 of them were constantly dodging my challenges either just ignoring my friend requests or never responding to me. Indeed I see them dueling other people and updating their score however.

So please don't allow in any terms that people just decide who they want to duel and when they are afraid to lose they just dodge the person. This has nothing to do with a serious league and is no fun at all. If you don't solve this I don't see any sense in discussing about balancing rules. In my opinion sbd ignoring a challenge 2-3 times in a row just has to be kicked out of the league. Would love to hear some opinions about this issue.

With the curent WD vs Rest rules, it just doesn´t make sense to play against good wd´s. It´s ZERO fun!
So the people don´t want to waste their time, for getting very pissed in the end, after the duel.
This is i quess the reason why they don´t respond. They  think "Take your Walkover WD, and don´t fuck my brain" :)
You guys should better help working on rules, otherwise this league will die, it´s very close to it.
Watch my latest post in the rule diskussion thread...we need responses by active players.

The whole season i dodging wds. And this is not a shame for me. They are overpowered. Only monk have a little chance to win with, but only a very well geared with high ehp/dps. Not me. So.. With these rulez it make non sens. We need this:

Wd can use one of the skills: spirit walk / spirit vessel.
The same with hex. It have to be under some rulez. Actually, hex abd pets can be more problem than spirit walk or spirit vessel. At least for me.

I wont even talk about auto aim imba dmg super range haunt or firebats :)

But at all, when i play vs. Some wd out of league... I realy like it.

This is not a "Rule discussion" thread Forti  :-X

Yee whatever :p


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