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Diablo 3  Low Level Dueling Rules proposal:

- General rules as on HLD (http://www.d3cl.com/en/rules).
- Hellfire ring, The Horadric Hamburgers and Spectrum are forbidden.
- You may only use up to Flawless Square gems in your socketed gear.
- No life % regeneration passives allowed (Broodling for DH, Inspiring Presence for Barb and Blood Magic for WD)
- Monks are not allowed to use Breath of Heaven.
- Witch Doctors may only use Hex or Fear, not both at the same time.
- Max 50 life regen from items.
- Healing potions are forbidden.

Since a have some experience with LLD just some general advice... u have to restrict any means of life regen, even rather low amounts of it can make a char virtually unkillable when they add up since lld chars just dont have the burst to break through exessive regen. In our group we play with max 50 regen from gear and no heal pots and the duells still last several minutes at average. Even seemingly bad heals like the heal runes on hex and haunt can cause alot of problems since a def playing wd can recharge his life with them very fast. Imo its best to bann any kind of heal exept for the 50 regen from gear. That way its even for all classes.

I think it will be fine.
50 regen life add

It will be easy to cheat...

lvL 30 paragon or normal 30 lvl. Also no life regen some how disfavor barbs, since barb rеly on survive ability.


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