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Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2
« on: March 06, 2013, 20:10:22 pm  »
I really wish there was a way to compare EU and NA players and have them duel like in the PTR. Mannercookie is in the top 10 PVP players in Americas (out of all classes). I think he is #1 Barb in terms of skill and has VERY high end gear. He is the only Barb I know that beat Viri, the Barb-destroying Monk in Americas. Also, he is the toughest-to-defeat Barb for DH, and I mean top DH like Mystical, Cyon, Myon. I can maybe try him sometime when I get far better gear, but I don't expect to win w/o legacy. Revrac (#1 PVP Score DH) can only stalemate with these super tank Barbs by going full turtle.

I also agree with Mannercookie on the point of stalemates. There is nothing in place to prevent them or declare a winner. If there was a way to track damage, I would say the first to take 1000% of their max HP in damage should lose.

Also, something should be put in place for gear-swapping players (who usually use macros). I think this provides an unfair advantage, especially if the swapper's strategy is to use some powerful skills with a long cooldown and then retreat with super EHP/regen gear while waiting for the cooldown to end.

Rules & development / Re: Gear Swap and Not accepting challenges.
« on: March 06, 2013, 10:25:47 am  »
Here is a great idea on how to manage gear swapping if it is to be banned. If one player suspects another of gearswapping here is how to prevent it:

1) Both players enter into the dueling arena and if they cannot agree to no item swapping ask a moderator to join.
2) A moderator joins the game with an inventory of 29 junk items (2 slots each) and 1 junk ring/belt/amulet (1 slot). Then the moderator asks each of the players to pick up all 30 items resulting in occupying 59 slots (leaving one for potions).
3) If a player cannot pick up all the items, they will be asked to dump excess items into their storage and try again. When a player has shown they can pick up all the items, they drop them again.
4) Once both players pass this test, one can be sure both players have a fully empty inventory (with potion allowed).
5) This test can be repeated between duels if either player exits the arena.

While this is time-consuming, it is a 100% effective way to prevent gear swapping.

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2
« on: March 05, 2013, 10:05:54 am  »
I find much of these topics funny. I do quite well with my non-legacy Natalya's set. If Inspiring Presence gets banned, and WD's pets/shield get banned, I will likely go completely unopposed by anything other than a better DH. Even Mystical, the best legacy Nat DH I have encountered in Americas, struggled with me and there were some duels which were luck based in that dodges became the deciding factor. I think Cyon might now be the best legacy DH in Americas since he invested billions in the very best legacy Nat set lol. Also, we have other very good non-legacy DH: Myon and Revrac who do very very well against anything! I am trying to follow in their footsteps and at least get into the top 10 DH in Americas eventually.

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2
« on: March 05, 2013, 03:26:51 am  »

I have duelled alot of demonhunters aswell with natalya's soul and wrath from 350 to 525 k dps.

I just did duel with Lilith , Barbarian versus DH, 10-3 for the barbarian

You went 10-3 with or without Inspiring Presence?

Rules & development / Re: Ruleversion 1.2
« on: March 05, 2013, 01:05:03 am  »
Lol with the proposed rules, my DH is going to absolutely stomp every other class in the US League. No inspiring presence = I can trash Barbs before they eventually reach me. No pets or shield for WD = I can kill them very very fast and I have the EHP and discipline to tank Haunt (I was already doing quite well against WD with all their skills). I never had any issues with Wizards or Monks (and never needed companion anyways).

I think this new rule-set highly plays to the tune of DH; and if you further ban Legacy Natalya's, I might possibly be one of the top DH in Americas lol.

Rules & development / Re: Natalya legacy set
« on: March 05, 2013, 00:53:59 am  »
I'm a non-legacy nat DH and I have been doing fairly well in the America's PVP league. The only uses I have for a legacy set would be to face super tanky Barbarians or tanky legacy nat DH (very few of these) as those duels last so long I can run out of discipline. Against other targets, I usually have enough max discipline coupled with a use of preparation that I wouldn't benefit from the discipline regeneration anyways. If the rules changed to not allow cooldowns of skills between kills, then legacy nat DH would have a HUGE advantage, but with preparation allowed to reset, I don't notice a problem usually.

Rules & development / Regarding stalemates
« on: March 03, 2013, 07:55:39 am  »
How are stalemates handled? If both players play so defensively that one cannot kill the other, the match results in a stalemate. According to the rules, draws count as +1 to each side; but after how much time is a draw considered? Also, what does one do when there will never be a victor due to a perfect stalemate from both sides, can we put 5 - 5 on the score lol?

Rules & development / Re: D3CL PvP Rules - open discussion
« on: February 26, 2013, 21:22:50 pm  »
As highlighted by error:

There are too many cases of stalemates (either players can't kill each other due to regen or running away to regen) and 1-hit-KO encounters (most DH vs DH match-ups I have seen).

The 1-hit-KO fights are almost solely luck based since the classes involved are usually DEX heavy and thus depend on dodge and also require critical hits (which at least can be nullified with Sharpshooter). Lastly, those fights are more of a rock-paper-scissors duel, basically each DH pops smokescreen, runs to a position, and gets ready to react and snipe the other DH in their short window of visibility. If you happen to be aiming in the correct direction you win lol.

The run away for regen fights (particularly employed by Barbarians) usually results in a stalemate unless the "cat" or ranged player overextends and chases the "mouse" too far. These fights are easily stalemated by just retreating indefinitely.

I would wait until 4v4 team play is allowed or at the very least, 2v2, since it allows balance of classes by numbers. The larger the opposing forces are, the harder it is to create an unkillable tank or run away from a large group of players.

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